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R. Mukhametzyanova, A. Gainutdinova

Kazan Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Nowadays life of fast lane demands better international communication both in everyday and business spheres. And it is a must to know much, to widen a scope, to attend important events, to be ready to cope with difficulties from psychological point of view.

Teaching interpreting has already become vital when students begin to be aware that knowing foreign languages and interpreting are not the same things. These processes need different approaches, skills and strategies. It is important to use not only theoretical conceptions by well- known authors, but also to study experience of practicing interpreters themselves. As all these things are a kind of know-how knowledge and it helps to save a lot of time and efforts to reach better results.

The way interpreters do their job has changed immensely. Deeper knowledge of specific subjects, keeping pace with fast changing lexical layers, taking fast and proper decisions at the moment, being mobile and integrating successfully theory into practice are contributing much to the work of interpreters.

This article regards some ways for understanding how to improve interpreting skills to fit more demanding requirements of world market.