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S. Moyano Sanz, M. Valiente López, M.C. Sanz Contreras

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (SPAIN)
The education in the University is in a critical point. A better learning planning is necessary, with the aim of having a more effective education. We need a new set of study plans ... etc., based on a complete formation. This implies the use of the new technologies and the adaptation of the previous teaching systems to the evolution of the means. Drawing and building have been necessarily united since construction planification became so precise.

In this document we are going to talk about new materials and construction systems, and how we can make parts for the building, which improve the features of existing ones. We are going to study different educational methodologies in which we are working now, compiling the educational experiences developed in the Higher Technical School of Building, at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), applied to several Educational different Units.

The main goal is to create a modular piece to be used in any type of vertical walls inside a building. It is using a basic assembly scheme and new technologies offered by 3D printing.

With these new technologies, we are able to print any piece, at any time, in the construction process.
With the new design of P.T.M.P pieces, we are able to speed up constructive processes and lower costs. It does not need specialized personnel for its installation, nor for its printing. It is an ecological and sustainable product.

Depending on the data obtained in the compression resistance tests, we can use P.T.M.P. bricks for the realization of load-bearing walls, thus discarding the execution of structural vertical elements.

In brief, using the means offered by the new technologies of 3D printing, and recycling a product such as plastic, which is having a great impact in the environment due its long biodegradation time. With the new approach we can create a brick prototype which behaves much better in almost every aspects than the traditional ceramic brick. Thus it is contributing to improve the environment, the constructive economy and sustainability in the building.We will see the new technologies of 3D printers and their use for the construction of buildings.