P. Moyano-Cires1, J. Del Pino1, M.J. Diaz1, M. Lobo1, J. Garcia2, M.A. Capo1, M. Frejo1

1Complutense University of Madrid (SPAIN)
2University Alfonso X (SPAIN)
The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) aims to implement a change in the European degrees systems.

Former academic plans were designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge that they needed to manage in forensic practice, where new plans also aim to provide students with the tools the students need for their future professional development.

Within the ideal of providing the students with a more practical focus for their future professional practice in the field of law and we would use a clicker system developed by our team to solve practical cases in the classroom applying the theory just given to the students. A case will be proposed and shown into a screen and the answers will be provided as a multiple answer test in the website created within clicker system. Every student will have a user to sign in into the website thus being identifiable when giving the answer; this identification will allow the professor to ask any student to substantiate his or her answer to the practical case.

All this will allow the professor to see in each class which concepts need to be better explained and will help the students better understand the theoretical knowledge they are given by applying it to the practical case given.