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E. Moula, M. Kampouropoulou

University of Aegean (GREECE)
Recent theoretical advances in Educational field point out Interdisciplinarity as a factor of major importance. Interdisciplinarity can be used as a tool to serve the goal of self-awareness and self-understanding, taken for granted that this consists the prerequisite for any kind of educational achievement. On the other hand, education, in order to be effective, should adopt experiential and collaborative practices, to promote and enhance students’ self-confidence and initiative. The combination of literature (myths, fairy tales, contemporary literature) conjectural arts (painting, photograph) and theatrical play, through different kinds of activities, can help students express themselves, improve their communication skills, deal with their environment and finally achieve a deeper self- consciousness. The axis of our project is the mirror, whose symbol allows many interpretations. Every era reflects on the works of art its ideological and cultural face, though art does not only imitate life, but also influences and formulates it. As we look at ourselves in the mirror, we sometimes see our real self, some other times an idealized Ego, or even an internalized desire or feeling. Life seems like a shattered, mirror, whose fragments reflect the multiple images of our self and our environment. Looking at the mirror fosters free, unconditional thinking and becomes the unifying axis of our educational project.