J.M. Mota, I. Ruiz-Rube, J.M. Dodero, D. Molina

University of Cádiz (SPAIN)
Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables overlaying virtual information on the real world captured by a camera. The contexts deployed may include 2D or 3D images and sounds, among others. This technology are being used in educational contexts to increase student engagement and the understanding of learning topics, especially due to effectiveness of spatial visualisation techniques.

There are different tools for the development of educational activities with AR, but students are merely end users of these activities without possibility to explore the development of apps by themselves.

A workshop with students from 12 to 16 years old was conducted to explore the development of educational activities with this technology. During a period of four weeks, several tools were explained and used in the class with computers and mobile devices.

This work presents a review of the problems and solutions found using these tools with the objective of improving the implementation of future workshops.