J.C. Morocho

Universidad T├ęcnica Particular de Loja (ECUADOR)
Metrics about indexed journals are often available in various formats and different metrics are calculated depending on each author. The purpose of this work is to use Linked Data semantic technologies to provide this data in standard formats for the Web, allowing the interoperability between several sets of metrics of similar domain, in this case of Scimago Journal Rank and Journal Metrics that are based in the Scopus database. The annual metric data provided by these sites are represented in RDF (Resource Description Framework), a standard for data Web, and are queried by SPARQL in an integrated but transparent way for the user. This interrelation between the metric sets of indexed journals has provided the possibility of contrasting them allowing the authors to make a better selection of the potential journals to publish their research works, as well as to measure the academic production and therefore have greater possibilities of recognition or funding.