J.I. Moreno, E. Aguayo, G. León, M.J. Legaz

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (SPAIN)
Could we convert a laboratory practical into innovative audiovisual material and capable of arousing public interest? How do you do it?

The overall objectives of this work are:
a) To disclose rigorous science in an entertaining manner to society,
b) To arouse the curiosity of students and the general public of the work done in university departments,
c) To increase the knowledge of students of the Science and Technology world.

The specific objectives of this work are to combine scientific rigor with playful aspects when introducing new technologies, encourage scientific vocations among young students, and introducing new formats and communication styles for education. To answer these questions a multidisciplinary team at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain) has selected several scientific experiments presenting them in a fun as well as educational format. It is "Science and Engineering in Pictures". The format chosen consists of several short digital audiovisual segments (microspaces) which can be used in a lecture, educational media, in TV and even in movies. These digital audiovisuals briefly show the development of a laboratory practical, from the initial idea in the laboratory to their transfer to the society and companies. These laboratory exercises belong to various degrees as Chemical, Industrial, Telecommunications and Agronomic Engineering. Each microspace lasts about 5-10 minutes and the intention is to promote a new style of educational audiovisual communication and scientific culture.This audiovisual shows traditional content in an innovative way and provides new formulas in line with new audiences and possibilities offered by new information technologies and communication, helping to promote scientific and engineering knowledge.