C. Morato, M.T. Castellanos, B. Recio, M.E. Garcia

Technical University of Madrid (UPM) (SPAIN)
The design of new Internet Tools and methodologies, within ever-more simple environments, is constantly evolving, leading to the incorporation of new technologies in all the processes of our personal and professional lives.

Application to new degree programmes in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos (ETSIA)”, is one of the intercenter subprojects co-ordinated by the global project: “Good Strategic Learning practices for Technical University of Madrid (UPM) students using open educational resources”. The innovation project carried out by the Educative Innovation Group (Gie) Edu-Tecna professors in the Mathematical Analysis and Linear Algebra courses in the new degree programme of the ETSIA aimed to dynamize the learning processes.

The two objectives that this ETSIA project sets out to achieve are the following:
First of all, it aims to stimulate the development of a group of ETSIA professors whose innovative teaching methodology reuses open educational contents.
Secondly it sets out to encourage student participation in the creation and in the use of open educational materials mainly in the UPM websites.
The two phases of this project are structured to enable the achievement of the stated objectives and development of activities step-by-step.
Phase 1: set up a repositorie of learning experiences using open educational resources.
Phase 2: elaboration and production of materials designed with student involvement.