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G.M. Moraru

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (ROMANIA)
Creativity is an inexhaustible resource for today's organizations, both in academic and industrial environment. Unfortunately, we can notice in Romania a very big difference between the nature of the results obtained by the creative academics and that of the results obtained by the creative employees in industry. This difference in the substance of creativity in the two areas leads to a low rate of implementation of the new academic discovers in industry.

The main purpose of the paper is to show the need for a better channeling of the academic creative effort to solve the problems faced by the industry. Therefore, we have developed a comparative study between the results of the scientific research in an engineering faculty and the results of capitalizing on creativity in several organizations in different industrial branches. The study in the engineering faculty was based on secondary sources of information: research reports and other documents. The survey in industrial organizations was based on primary sources of information: the answers given by specialists in creativity management to a questionnaire.

We have highlighted in conclusions that the number of academic papers and citations is less important than the creative involvement of teachers and students in solving industry problems.