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G.M. Moraru

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (ROMANIA)
This paper is aimed to prove the importance of the organizing system in the results obtained through research conducted by universities. Firstly, we have made a bibliographic study regarding the possibility to organize a university in performance centres. We have taken organizational elements from economic literature and proposed their implementation in the academic environment.

Secondly, we have developed a theoretical model of a university organized in performance centres. Even if we have not yet discovered a similar model in the academic environment of Romania, we have to admit that many universities tend to implement it.

Thirdly, we have analysed the importance of managerial strategies when organizing a university to achieve new performances and enhance academics’ creativity. At this point, we have conducted a study from secondary sources regarding the evolution of academics’ research results over the past years in the University of “Lucian Blaga” in Sibiu. The results of this study have confirmed that the organizational form based on performance centres is as beneficial for academic creativity as it is for business creativity.