G.M. Moraru

"Lucian Blaga" University (ROMANIA)
This paper aims to synthesize modern elements of the methodology currently used in creativity management. It is the result of a research from secondary sources.

Creativity management must take into account the fact that organizations – private, public and social – are going now through dynamic changes more than ever. Therefore, this paper begins with an overview of the forces acting at present on both profit companies and of non-profit ones.
Managers of the new millennium understood that the processes of generation, selection, development and commercialization of ideas have changed over time. Therefore, management can not only rely on specific methods and techniques for stimulating creativity, like Delphi, checklist, brainstorming etc. The tendency is to integrate these techniques with other methodological elements of management. Creativity is useful not only in the design of new products and services, but also in the strategic planning of the organization. This paper presents, in an original approach, both the methodological levels of creativity management and the modifications suffered by the general methods of management under the action of human resources creativity.