G.M. Moraru

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (ROMANIA)
In the modern economies of many countries we observed an efficient use of human creativity, in order to achieve the performance of organizations and social progress. One of the reasons of this situation is the use of benchmarking in creativity management. This management method shortens the time used to implement new ideas in organizations. Experts in research and development, manufacturing or marketing can take successful solutions from other companies and implement them creatively in their organization. They will not find anything that others have discovered before, and will accelerate the development of creativity in society.

The paper presents the opinions of Romanian academics and managers on the use of creativity and benchmarking in management of the organizations in various fields. These opinions were analyzed in a broader research that had among objectives finding new solutions of higher utilization of creative potential of human resources in organizations.

The information was collected from academics who teach management disciplines, PhD students in management, and managers in different industries. Finally, the respondents suggested solutions regarding applying creativity management and benchmarking in organizations, in order to overcome the economic-financial crisis and the economic gap between Romania and other developed countries of the world.