G.M. Moraru

"Lucian Blaga" University, Sibiu (ROMANIA)
This paper presents the views of academics from Romania on stimulating creativity of young people who find themselves at different levels of education. The data and information used in this paper represents a small part of the data collected through an extensive research that has analyzed the management of creativity in Romania.

The study was conducted on two samples of respondents: academics who teach management disciplines and PhD's in management. The degree of stimulation of creativity was analyzed at different levels of education: primary and secondary, high school and university level. Respondents were asked for their opinion related to the extent to which the education system stimulates the creativity of children/young people and the extent to which teachers include creativity in the list of criteria for assessing the learners.

The overall conclusion is that today's Romanian education stimulates young people’s creativity too little. As a result, the transformation of their creativity in material goods or services is rather weak.