M.E. Morales, C. Cabrera, M.A. Ruiz

University of Granada (SPAIN)
In our opinion, the university has the right and the responsability to educate the beginner teachers in aspects of university teaching, a deep knowledge of his profession is essential for the performance in the classroom. Experienced teachers have much to contribute to the learning of younger teachers, hence the importance of mentoring. Another interesting point in this process is the establishments of cooperation and mutual learning among different universities.

Among the activities performed, we highlight the study of programs in different disciplines with the objective to attempt connection between one and the other, thus allowing the student a complete formation, always trying to avoid repetitive items. This task was performed by the novel teachers with the supervision of the experienced ones. These workshops are activities generally more valued by students.

It is necessary to facilitate the incorporation of younger professors in departmental tasks. This program facilitate the acquisition of skills, abilities, knowledge and basic attitudes to initiate the teaching profession, providing support and advice. It is also essential to establish links allowing experienced teachers for self-reflection and a commitment from both the expert and the beginner professor. To sum up, we believe it is necessary mentoring of new teaching, to promote their independent learning and to be able to design and plan future teaching guides for students.