M.E. Morales, M.A. Ruiz, C. Cabrera

University of Granada (SPAIN)
Currently, there are many faculties that organize courses and activities to inform students of employment opportunities according to their degree. The Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Granada performs various activities for the Degree in Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics as well as Food Science and Technology. The latter two are recently introduced degrees and careers in some areas, yet they are not very well known by students and even some of them are not yet well defined in the regulations. The conference will focus on guiding students for job seeking and introduce them to some of job opportunities offered by each degree, paying particular attention to the least common ones.

The objective of this paper is to provide the 5 year experience and the opinion of several professors on this issue.

The program is designed in two different blocks. In the first, we have professionals of the University of Granada and the regional government (Junta de AndalucĂ­a) that orient students about grants, stages in companies or public centers, both at national and European levels, as well as management of business projects. They also report on web sites, contacts and job seeking events, especially through the Centre for Promotion of Employment and Training (University of Granada).

The second part is focused on the experience of different professional of the same degree: training, curriculum, how they accessed their job, role and responsibilities, difficulties, satisfactions, achievements, etc. Students get first-hand information in professional activities as diverse as quality management in pharmaceutical or food industries, creation of "own business", research in public or private institutions, dedication to teaching in its various branches, hospitals, senior centers, town halls, sports clubs, etc. A final debate is always organized for students to be able to ask professionals about their experience, being these debates very active.

These activities encourage students, since they realize that their colleagues who finish their studies some years before have already found a job. Professionals are very close to them and empathize with the situation in which they find themselves and they are willing to provide them helpful information. For us, the teachers involved, it is a very good experience from a professional point of view but also a personal satisfaction, because not only offer information and assistance to students who finish their studies, but allow us to be in contact with the market, thus allowing to better orient our teaching activity.