The aim of this work is to use the concepts and tools developed for the analysis and structuring of industrial process to the educational activities developed in the classroom.
The business processes identify activities and the relationship among them, by classifying the different kind of processes, the reasons that activate them, the effects among them, and the way they are coordinated. In the same way, we think that the learning processes must be formalized till a detailed level, where it must be visualized clearly the things that are expected from each participant and the mechanisms of coordination among them.
This study has carry us to classify the different groups of processes such as reading, writing, thinking, evaluating…. and the interaction between them. In addition we want to investigate about the different roles that we have to consider in a learning process.
This model can be used in diverse levels: by considering the general context from a particular subject; by focusing on the learning activities; by stressing the different evaluative process and so on. We want to be able to model the learning process in a way that a modelled subject can be easily adapted to different context, so that one subject can be built as a “lego”, with interchanged pieces (the diverse formative activities). One formative activity can be a puzzle, a case study or even a presentation plus some questions. Anyway, the selected processes must suit the kind and level of competences required at each point, and also the appropriate evaluative process.
Although we think that this objective can, or must be utilized in almost all the subject, in this work, and particularly, we want to analyse its use for the specific subject “Organizational Behaviour”, an optional subject for the new degree in informatics, at the ETSINF, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia.
This subject is the first time that appears in the scheduled plan of the degree of informatics and we expect with our work to be able to be adapted to the students’ needs.
The subject is special and is very important for the Spanish society, and for the integral development of the students, in a moment of economic crisis and new changes in the environment. This is particularly crucial also in a context where the students have to be open to other issues in their career. In this is fundamental to instrumentalize new mechanisms that can make this issue to be perfectly developed, can catch the attention of the students, and can improve their learning process.