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Pages: 4050-4054
Publication year: 2009
ISBN: 978-84-612-7578-6
ISSN: 2340-1079

Conference name: 3rd International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 9-11 March, 2009
Location: Valencia, Spain


B. Mohammed, S. Wagh

During the past decades it is found in most of the countries that offer technical Education is not concerned with the current need and development needed for the industry, rather they just design the curriculum as per the decision of members of the board or senate.
Whereas the board does not want to discuss with the industry and the industry does not want to interfere into the academics.

This results in a big chaos for the students when they finish their degree from a University. Often it is found in many countries that the industries use to train the students before assigning the job responsibility in their area. It is absolutely essential that the gap between a graduating engineer and a professional engineer is narrowed down to zero so as to enhance both the competence and capabilities of the human resources produced by the technological institutions.

This paper examines the grounds for synergetic partnerships between the university and industry for a win-win situation for both the sides.
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AU - B. Mohammed AU - S. Wagh
SN - 978-84-612-7578-6/2340-1079
PY - 2009
Y1 - 9-11 March, 2009
CI - Valencia, Spain
JO - 3rd International Technology, Education and Development Conference
JA - INTED2009 Proceedings
SP - 4050
EP - 4054
ER -
B. Mohammed, S. Wagh (2009) UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY COLLABORATION, INTED2009 Proceedings, pp. 4050-4054.