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D. Mohamed Abdel Mohaiman

Yarmouk University. Faculty of Fine Arts (JORDAN)
Art is the soul of the community because it opens new horizons of advancement and progress to the human being. The interest of various visual arts is an essential element in the composition of the human cultural, emotional and social aspects, therefore, the technical progress which is made by the information technology becomes a key criteria for measuring progress of societies, the issue of interest in innovation in all fields has become an inevitable and necessary to keep pace with the global technological progress which is visible in all aspects of life.
The current era is characterized by the Explosion of Knowledge: Technology, Proliferation of Communication Systems, the increasing use of computer has made the world a Global Electronic Village.

The recruitment of Information Technology and Internet in education is considered as the most important indicator of the transformation of A Society to an Information Society, where it contributes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of education systems.
The technology of education in Arts is the curve systems for the design of educational process, implementation and evaluation as a whole, depending on the specific objectives derived from the product of research in the field of education and human contact, and use of human and non-human resources in order to give the education of arts and design more effectiveness and accuracy.

This research aims to build a program for virtual education in the faculties of arts as an expressive visual mediator and shows how to utilize it in teaching of students of these colleges in order to find effective communication processes between the student and professor.
We are in a rapidly changing world and it sees the global transformation unprecedented in the various fields where it deletes all the geographical boundaries of the impact of satellite and the globalization that has helped to exchange cultures and ideas and the spread of information and technological innovation, as part of that change has become virtual education in the arts and design of the most important means of cultural communication and that the difference about the means of traditional education because it is accessible to all students at different levels.

The researcher should take advantage of the integration of visual art and values with the new technology in the use of all available methods of electronic, tricks, graphics, chroma key and digital programs to provide new technology for education and to achieve all the requirements of installation formal of the reality education in the faculties of arts with developed attractive style, it is the product of advanced thought link the form to the content in an integrated co-operation between the reality and the virtual and provides a new form for the education.

Research Problem:
the research problem aim to find a new methodology that helps the interdependence between the new technology of virtual education and the inherent arts with the implications and social symbols in order to find some kind of integration with the successive developments.

Boundaries of research:
Faculty of Fine Arts, "Yarmouk University" (JORDAN)