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A. Mkrtchyan

State Engineering University of Armenia (ARMENIA)
Cloud computing has known as one of the fastest-growing segments of the information technology industry. The ability to leverage economies of scale, geographic distribution, open source software and automated systems to drive down costs makes cloud computing an appealing option for education. With rapid growth of the cloud computing architecture usage, more and more industries move their focus from investing into processing power to renting processing power from a specialized vendor. Education field is not exceptional.
This paper introduces the characteristics of the current E-Assessment/E-Learning systems, and then analyzes the concept and characteristics of cloud computing. It introduces the E-Assessment model based on Cloud Computing architecture. It measures the positive consequences of using cloud computing architectures upon E-Assessment/E-Learning solutions development. Several measurable cloud computing efficiency metrics are discussed here, like quality of and availability of E-Assessment application. We believe cloud computing will surely improve the current system of education and improve quality at an affordable cost.