J.J. Miralles Canals1, M. Cañas Carretón1, G. Vergara Pla2

1Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (SPAIN)
In this contribution a methodology for solving Moodle calculated questions using a computer algebra system (CAS) is proposed. In particular a CAS tool is used, the Wolfram Language (Mathematica). In the full paper is described how to link symbolic expressions in Wolfram Language with the own mathematical language used in Moodle.

The algorithm proposed allows to overcome the limitation of the Moodle capability for solving symbolically mathematical problems, overall when more than two unknown variables are wanted to be calculated.This situation can be found in any basic problem of electricity, for example the typical problem with two closed circuits with three branches, two voltage sources and three resistors. If the Kirchhoff's current law and voltage law are applied, it is obtained a linear system of equations with three different variables (the current that flows through every branch).

A general translation algorithm is proposed by the authors that converts code from Mathematica into Moodle code. Also three examples of resolution are presented in order to highlight and explain the advantages of the algorithm proposed. The topics of the examples solved have been selected considering the teaching experience of the authors (physics and electrical engineering) the first one is based on the field of mechanics, the second one is related to Kirchhoff's laws in the context of DC current, and the third one is related to network analysis in the context of AC current.
keywords: moodle, mathematica, cas.