University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT) (BULGARIA)
About this paper:
Appears in: EDULEARN20 Proceedings
Publication year: 2020
Pages: 2855-2861
ISBN: 978-84-09-17979-4
ISSN: 2340-1117
doi: 10.21125/edulearn.2020.0860
Conference name: 12th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Dates: 6-7 July, 2020
Location: Online Conference
The processes of transformation in the economic and social spheres have led to reforms in the education system. The need for a modern, accessible and high-quality education has been given meaning to create the conditions for the formation of a moral, creative and autonomous personality capable of realizing itself fully.

Modern higher education quality standards put at the forefront the necessity for a change in the benchmarks of traditional learning technology. Instead of the standard directions of the didactic process, aimed at the formation of knowledge, skills and habits, the priority of the modernized education system has become the development of competences such as a dynamic set of knowledge, abilities and values necessary for effective professional, social activity and personal development of university students in higher education institutions.

Changing the trajectory of the educational process, in turn, requires the implementation of an approach relevant to its goals and objectives, aimed at the practical realization of the educational results. In 2013, the Summer Knowledge Academy (SKA) was established at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT). In 2015, the Academy was transformed into University Youth Knowledge Academy (UNYKA) whose main purpose is to stimulate and support students, doctoral students and young scientists to actively participate in various courses, master classes, projects, events both nationally and internationally. Also it is meant to stimulate their participation in the scientific and publication activities of the university through their participation in various seminars, conferences, round tables, etc., which in turn is a prerequisite for increasing their opportunities for self-improvement and professional realization, by creating new knowledge and new configurations of existing knowledge.

Within the structure of UNYKA there are eight functioning expert groups of educational character, tasked with preparing specialists in the main areas in which ULSIT has institutional accreditation: Library Studies; Intellectual Property; Information and Communication Technologies; Cyber Security and Cryptography; Book and Society; Cultural and Historical Heritage; National Security; Knowledge Management. They seek a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will contribute to the completion of graduates in the labor market in a knowledge-based economy.

The purpose of the report is to present some of the initiatives of UNYKA, focusing on the creation of a seeking and creatively-oriented academic community, giving the freedom to choose various forms of self-expression and refinement in today's dynamic environment.
Bulgaria, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT), University Youth Knowledge Academy (UNYKA), initiatives, creative environment, academic community.