D. Minchev, A. Toshkov, D. Binev

Burgas Free University (BULGARIA)
The aim of the project is to create a WEB-based Internet system for servicing, support and management of e-journals. Librarians, lecturers and students of Burgas Free University and of other universities will benefit from it.

It lasted for 6 months. Many systems and platforms were checked and considered before choosing the Open Journal System as the most suitable one for realizing the aims of the project team, including: Choosing the exact team and preparing the organization needed to realize the project. The specifics of Burgas Free University were also considered; Study on the opportunity to use the open source system “Open Journal System” for the needs of BFU; Study on the opportunities to use for the purposes of the project the following free open source software products: Ubuntu Server 10.10, Web Server Apache, Database Server MySQL, PHP and PhpMyAdmin; Choosing the technical means for the installation of the respective software products; Setting up of the hardware and integration in the information system of Burgas Free University; Localization of the system in Bulgarian, preparing the necessary documentation and starting the platform.

Why this platform?
Burgas Free University does not have its own platform for the e-journals and events that take place here yearly. That is the main reason for choosing exactly that platform.

Study, choice and installation of: a test software server (based on Windows or Linux operating systems). The free version of Ubuntu Server 10.10 is preferable; SQL server – MySQL or other; WWW server - Apache or other; program means for connection and management of OS, SQL and WWW; tool needed for administering SQL through the World Wide Web, with an option of managing data base, tables, links, indexes, users, extensions, etc. that, when possible, will execute each SQL declaration. Test installation of OJS, configuring of the system to the data base system, the operating system, WWW server and the packet for resource management.

Management structure of the platform
Choosing: the name, structure, periodicity and thematic topics of the publications, the e-journal administrators; the editorial team for each thematic topics; publishing the first issue of the e-journal; preparation needed for the integration of other university issues in the system.

The implemented work
We bought the necessary machine, installed the product and organized the team work. Three lecturers from BFU, Assoc.Prof. Toshkov, Assist.Prof. Minchev and Assist.Prof. Binev, and 8 students comprise our team. Each group of the team has its specific tasks to do. The product is fully adapted and localized. We have yet to make the design of the e-journal system and choose the teams needed to fulfill the work in respect to its structure.

The expected outcome
We expect the platform to start work in BFU in September. It will provide the following opportunities: Improvement of the quality of the academic research in BFU through the development of new innovative online environment; Opportunity for systemization, control, management, support and archive of e-journals and forums; Creating a data base for storing, classification, search and archive of the e-journals; Creating an information environment for unifying all the future e-journals in our university.