A. Minasowicz1, P. Nowak1, E. Pellicer2, J.C. Teixeira3

1Politechnika Warszawska (POLAND)
2Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
3Universidade do Minho (PORTUGAL)
Most of the higher education institutions concentrate on conventional construction technology subjects, which avoid dealing with administration and management for construction professionals. These degrees forget that administration and management are key facets for engineers and architects. Therefore, this paper presents a European Project whose main goal is to deepen the ideas established in European Directive 89/48/EWG, which will lead to creation of proper European system of comparison, certification and mutual recognition of managerial qualifications in construction. The project is based on three former successfully finished European projects that produced 19 manuals for practitioners in the construction management field. Results from previous European projects in the construction management field related to modern IT technologies, such as Building Information Modelling or Augmented Reality, are also put into practice. Didactic materials, teaching and learning methods, and a organizational scheme will allow promotion, certification, comparison and recognition of construction engineers and managers competence on European, domestic and sector level. The postgraduate studies will allow process of standardization (in all 15 countries associated in the European Building Surveyors and Construction Experts) of certification process of engineers applying for the title of EurBE, what assures European dimension of the project.