M. Miłosz

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
The paper presents academic projects results dedicated to applying new ICT technologies in the developing of environmental monitoring systems. The idea of these projects is to use new and inexpensive devices and technologies to build qualitatively new and innovative systems. Projects are multidisciplinary, since they concern the different areas of computer science and environmental protection.

The projects use a variety of techniques from different disciplines, such as: sensors and their calibration, solar power systems, wireless data transfer systems, GPS, Internet of Things, mobile applications, social networks, server database systems, web applications, presentation of GIS data, prediction and others.

Environmental quality is a very important topic at the present days. In many cities, the environment parameters indicate a threat to life and health of the citizens. This applies particularly fast changing variables quality of air, noise and water. The existing environmental monitoring systems are very expensive and provide measurement data from the long delay. They are intended primarily to meet the formal requirements, standards, and regulations.

New technologies enable the development of low-cost continuous monitoring and presenting of environment state. The presented projects release of this idea.