M. Miłosz1, G. Koziel1, S. de Juana Espinosa2

1Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
2University of Alicante (SPAIN)
A rapid technological development in such areas as the internet-, mobile- or cloud-technologies, has caused the lack of specialists on the labor market. IT firms show a large un-met needs in this area. Universities are not able to meet this level of market demand. There are two main problems:
- it is a long process to increase the number of graduates, because of the need for new laboratories and additional, experienced lecturers,
- introduction of new technologies into the teaching process takes a lot of time.
New technologies demand a re-engineering of the educational process, academic staff training and preparation of new laboratories. A solution to the above problem may be a re-training of people having experience in other specialties. These people are able to learn basis of IT technology and get the second competence. IT competence, connected with their previous competences and professional experience, is very attractive for employers.
This model of training is being realized on postgraduate studies “Mobile Application Development”. Some of the attending students are people who want to gain additional competences and change their profession. Others expect to gain financial and professional benefits.
The mentioned studies last two semesters and they are organized during weekends due to the fact that many students have full time jobs. The work-load of students is 60 ECTS points. Until now, two editions of the course have been carried out. The objectives, target group and the course program are presented in this paper, as well as the research results concerning satisfaction with the studies. The research was performed just after the final exam. The results of the research will allow for better adaptation of the program to the market needs.