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M. Miłosz, D. Czerwinski, E. Lukasik

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
Cooperation between industry and the university promotes the professionalization of education of students and better prepare graduates to enter the labor market. Increasing demand for the highly qualified employees in computer science sector needs a strongly cooperation between universities and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies. This generates challenges between employers and High Education institutions and need of becoming stronger cooperation. The model of cooperation between the ICT industry and Lublin University of Technology (LUT) in the field of education of ICT specialists was created as part of the EU project "Mega competent graduate computer science LUT closer to the demands of employers". In this paper the main ideas of this document will be presented.

The creation of the model was preceded by the initiation, implementation and evaluation of numerous joint activities such as panel sessions, scientific-educational conferences, apprenticeship and vocational internships of students in companies in the ICT industry, lectures and seminars conducted by employees of companies, representatives of companies in the advisory boards of universities (for program and quality education), the implementation of theses on behalf of ICT companies.

The model contains a list of forms of cooperation between the ICT industry - university and a list of additional measures, which increase the professional competence of graduates of Computer Science on the first and second stage of education. Necessary activities to complete by the university are particularly highlighted. Forms of participation of entrepreneurs in the life of the university and the impact of the ICT sector workers will be described. Described actions can be used by universities to enhance cooperation with future employers of their graduates. Implementation of the model bring closer graduates to skill needs of labour market. The short-term component of the model is also a list of changes in the contents of objects Master's in Computer Science program.