M. Milosz, G. Koziel

Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
From a few years we can observe very rapid changes in IT technology. After the "explosion" of the internet uses, there were mobile devices and a new idea of computing - cloud computing. The demand for professionals in these new areas has grown rapidly, which appoints a very difficult task to higher education. As shown by numerous studies higher education in the EU cannot keep up because the preparation of specialists in classic, current areas of computer science. Long cycle of new courses preparation in universities in conjunction with the long cycle of education (3-5 years) at the fast development of technology further makes additional problems in this matter. A solution to this situation are post-graduate studies.

Postgraduate studies "Mobile application development" meet the large demand on the market for designers and developers of mobile applications. They are addressed to practitioners-specialists who have completed higher education many years ago. The main objective of studies is to provide a new competences to people who could not acquire it during their university studies and who intend to change the fields of its activity. The program lasts two semesters and it is implemented during the weekends. The work-load of students is 60 ECTS.

Until now, there were two editions of study. The article presents the objectives and target group and the program of studies. Using a survey method were examined motivations to study of different groups of participants. The results of studies allowed better adapt the program to the market needs.
The range of adaptations was presented in the article