L. Mihai1, L. Manasia1, A. Matei1, C. Sak-Colareza2

1University Politehnica of Bucharest (ROMANIA)
2University of Bucharest (ROMANIA)
The well-being of teachers, as a quantifiable indicator within the educational management area, received little attention in the Romanian research. At the same time, the thesis we are proposing is that the well-being of teachers reflects, in numerous forms, the results of the pupils.

According to the data received from the Ministry of Education and Research, the degree of graduation at the national assessment is lower by the year. Thus, we can notice a lower interest and training level in that which regards the scientific and technology disciplines. In this sense, in order to help high school pupils, we have developed an eLearning platform, within a SPO HRD project, through which the pupils received supplementary training, especially in mathematics, physics and chemistry where, in the last few years, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Education and Research, the attractiveness and training are set below the expectations.

The present article shows the evolution of the student results, from the initial evaluation to the final evaluation undertaken on the eLearning platform. More than that, after the completion of the project we applied 50 questionnaires to the teachers from the technological high schools involved in the project. The results we obtained from the questionnaire research, which are showcased in the present article, indicate a strong correlation between the indicators which express the well-being of teachers and the results of the pupils, with a special accent on various factors that can influence the well-being of teachers and – by means of causality – the results of the pupils.