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R. Mendez

Berkeley College (UNITED STATES)
This article intends to demonstrate the efficiency of using computer technology to improve college student performances. Over the years, many platforms have risen to aid in the performance and overall quality of work that college students produce. Using the tools created and services offered online, college students can yield a higher quality of work than they previously could. With services such as Google Docs, Microsoft applications, and Purdue Owl, students have tools to edit their work, and even check for mistakes. Even applications like YouTube, offer a visual platform for users who are visual learners. Most applications, if used correctly can form good habits as well as education effectively. All this is reliant on the user and the evolution of computer applications as time goes on. As technology advances, the performance within classes also has the potential to grow with the right tools. However, if students get the right technological tools, including computers, it becomes easier for them to improve their commitment to improving their grades, and ease the pressure on their teachers. The number of students in a given class can influence the quality of education.

In conclusion, using technology among college students enhances the courseware available to students, integrates curriculum with a better platform to ensure higher performance and understanding, improves the interaction between students and teachers and assists them to use less time in researching educational information compared to when using physical library searches. The benefits of using computers to improve student grades surpass the drawbacks, and this realization places them as effective technological tools improving educational outcomes. However, some other outcomes are also important components of benefits of using computers to improve student grades, such as student behavior, attitude, self-esteem and career aspirations. Also, it prepares the student to improve collaboration with their peers and prepares them for work in the corporate world.