I. Melihova, A. Skorobogatova

South Ural State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Nowadays a great number of people all over the world use Business English (BE) with an aim to communicate with others within a specific context for example, it is about people coming together to accomplish things they could not do as individuals or about design and innovation, traditions and values, about cooperation, negotiation, and conflict, persuading and understanding, power and control, explaining and finding solutions to problems.

The present abstract focuses on a practical way assisting students of non-linguistic specialities to gain skills in this field. The subject BE is a vocational unit of educational programme within a discipline "Foreign language" at SUFU (South Ural Federal University) and the problem is that there is no general opinion about the context of this course. Business English tutors face some tricky challenges when it comes to deciding what and how to teach. This is especially true when we look at recent research into how people interact in business contexts.

The solution was the creation of an interactive student book. The paper explains and describes the main difficulties of the approbation of the learning guide among students of the 2nd year studying.