M. Medrek

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (POLAND)
The main idea of Business Process Management (BPM) is to control and coordinate complex activities among the process participants and software components in an organization to achieve higher performance and work quality. BPM focuses on methods and tools for designing, controlling, analyzing and continually optimizing business processes. Workflow is a component of BPM. This tool is dedicated for automatization of the document flow, directing tasks to the responsible users for further actions and controlling realization of the tasks.

The importance of workflow and process management increases with the convergence of communications technology and collaborative tools between remote organizations and IT systems. Modern communication protocols and integration standards allows to automate data exchange and synchronization of processes in various software environments.

The main purpose of our work is to teach students how to discover, analyze, model, improve and implement processes throughout the entire BPM cycle. In this paper we present the project of integrated environment intended for modelling and automation of the processes in real workflow engine. Proposed solution consists of several modules that use various software tools (subsystems), which cover various use cases of the system. One of the advantages of our solution is the reduction of the requirements for the technical sophistication of the course participants - as the audience of the course are students of economics and management we minimize the prerequisites for knowledge of programming techniques but we still allow for the implementation of sample process model and exercise testing prepared application.

Providing comprehensive BPM environment we try to convince students that process management is more than a set of methods and techniques - it is an approach in which communication, flexibility and openness to change play a key role.
keywords: workflow, bpmn, bpm, process, model.