P. Mayoral, C. Magaña, E. Flores

University of Colima (MEXICO)
In the School of Foreign Languages, as in many other schools at the University of Colima in México, the educational programs are facing significant changes. The trend, in this new vision or perspective of education, addressed as Social Responsibility. This vision also considers the integral training as a guiding axis of the profile of the future professionals (teachers) in language teaching. In addition, it is expected to continue the line of constructivist models of education to strengthen the teaching-learning process. As well as, to provide with plenty of possibilities for students to choose subjects they consider relevant for their personal profile. In this transitions, the concept of "flexibility" is keyword for success, one that, although not new, it is of new adoption in this institution. The reasons that justify the current study are related to the direct impact that can have on the objective evaluation of the new program to form BAs in Language Teaching. In the same way, the study is pertinent considering that the second semester of this new Educational Program (PE in Spanish) is currently studying it, it is also expected that the study will allow us to know in depth the perceptions of how the first semester was, and how the second is, from a holistic view, which considers the voices of the main actors (students, teachers and administrative) to know the implications of both academic and educational management. In addition, we intend to continue the research from the principles and procedures of the method of case study of longitudinal type, which will allow to observe the effects of the implementation of a flexible program in the first generation from its beginning and until its end.

A study that also allows observing the most important indicators of the level, such as:
1. Enrolled,
2. Retention,
3. Egress and
4. Graduation.

To collect the information, a set of instruments will be used, such as semi-structured interviews, surveys, observation records and documentary review. The data will be treated from the grounded theory and the validation from the crystallization. The final product will provide an overview of what the transition to a flexible educational plan means and the elaboration of recommendations for the improvement of the teaching practice from this paradigm of university education at the University of Colima.