A. Max, M. Mrázek

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Educators have to constantly track the optimal learning-teaching strategy and they have to adapt their teaching models based on these new trends. Today's projects are mostly too much complicated to be solved by one person. For this reason, it is needed more persons with different profession who create one big solving team. Large number of companies, mostly the biggest ones, use this strategy normally and demand experience with teamwork from new coming workers. Therefore, it is necessary to improve actual teaching model; to incorporate experience with teamwork; and by this way meet the requirements of companies.

In the article is described a sample project at the University of West Bohemia that started in 2011. The aim of the project is to gain the best possible place in the international competition between universities. A team, UWB Racing Pilsen, consists of students of bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Most of the members are students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who are supplemented by students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Faculty of Economics. The team has to design an entire formula car in a set period. The main idea of this project is to apply the knowledge obtained during the study into practice, to deepen their knowledge and to gain the teamwork experience. Furthermore, they have access to the special machines and tools that are not normally accessible during classical studies. This project provides them space for self-realization and the acquisition of valuable practical experience for their future career.

At the end of the article, students' own opinions and insights are presented. In addition, an appreciation of the advantages and disadvantages of the project and several questions giving scope for discussion are described.