T. Matsumoto

Kanto Gakuin University (JAPAN)
The flipped classroom is an inverted version of the traditional learning model. On the one hand, the flipped classroom is still at the early stage in Japan. As a reason for this might be the lack of good quality electronic learning materials and teaching method. This paper presents a review of an instructional design framework of "flipped classroom on the basis of gamification". Recently, growing attention has been paid to game-informed education. Gamification is one form of the above game-informed education. Gamification is a new coinage. We use of game design elements in non-game contexts. It means an implementation and use of game design elements and techniques. It is necessary to consider uses of gamification according to the varying needs of learners. Furthermore, usefulness of gamification is shown in some studies. However, gamification is not necessarily beneficial for all learners. Therefore, "flipped classroom based on gamification" is helpful in improving learners' understanding level and motivation.