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R. Mateu, J.C. Linares

Universitat Jaume I (SPAIN)
The probationary period holding the students of Master Degree in Preschool and Primary Education is an ideal to analyze firsthand the work being done in the classrooms of our schools at present time. Discover and analyze the practical learning experiences can relate the theoretical knowledge learned in college and give them meaningful. From this practicum experience, students in learning can lead to the reconstruction of the intuitive ideas and concepts through their daily practice, as its generated (Pérez, 1998). Within the theoretical concepts of teaching is interdisciplinary, the definition refers to the purpose to correct errors and the lack that carries an overly compartmentalized science without communication among the different disciplines (Torres 1994 and 1998).

Among the preliminary issues were raised, among others, the relevance of why and what it was to integrate curriculum areas, ie, what advantages and disadvantages worked with methodologies such as project work, students of the practicum contemplates during their stay at school. It was the organization of the estates involved in the educational process and the responsibilities hauled each one, considering who should do the integration, what do students and teachers, etc. In a second phase. At this point, you had to take into account the different status of each of the estates participants in the process, and question whether it was an individual commitment or had a more general supply, involving the whole cycle and even entire stage.

This analysis also practice we affect the content and materials subject to change, and we had to ask at the outset that we wanted to do was integrate. In turn, theoretical concepts came into play that you had to qualify to be clear what supposed to work properly interdisciplinarity. Among these terms, concepts such as multidisciplinary, extradisciplinariedad, interdisciplinary in their different meanings, themes… were. And finally, there was a need to assess how the contents of the integrated materials, as this supposed one of the most difficult intricacies of dealing by the majority of teachers participating in the project.

Once the organizational framework, one aspect to consider would be the groups of students and how he had to make the decisions, both those individual, such as group, established in various shades. Here we returned to find a turning point in the process, because the question of who owned the decision making in the different tasks set and at different times of the process loomed: students, teachers, family cycle coordinators, equipment managers ...

Finally, we took into account a prominent section on resources, about their availability in the relevant space and time for planning.
Therefore, reflection, both theoretical and practical, is fundamental to practicum students as future teachers. Because of the importance of this communication shows that they made learning curriculum from grade teacher and Primary. This is done by theoretical analysis of the concept of interdisciplinarity thoroughly through texts and practical analysis of this in practice and translating them into everyday classroom.
The result was embodied in a Day where students practicum and their tutor in schools and other students of the subject Didactics and School Organization (MP1015 ) and General Teaching ( AA85 ) from the Universitat Jaume I participated.