This project is focused on the conviction that the active participation of the students in the classes results in a real learning. Therefore, there is a necessity to find tools to stimulate that participation.

The board game "Trivial Pursuit" is well known and can be used as one of these tools. This game allows the students to learn concepts handled during the lectures and help the teachers to identify quickly the problems in acquiring these concepts. It is very important for the teachers, in order to improve the classes and to insist in those “weak points” before the final theoretical exam.

The activity is carried out in the Degrees of Pharmacy, Food Science and Technology and Human Nutrition and Dietetics. It is offered and the rules explained to the students in the first class of the course. Moreover, it is posted in the virtual campus available for the students. A deadline to join the activity is established. The joined students are distributed in work groups (5-7 people) and each student has to design 3 questions for each category proposed by the teachers. The categories are based on the main topics from the teaching guide. These questions are revised by teachers. Furthermore, they can add those queries to aboard the key concepts that students should acquire. Finally the activity is carried out and it is taken into the account for the final score.

The teachers analyze the scores compared to the participation and the success during the activity to know the impact over the learning.