Á. Mas, V. Blasco, C. Lerma, G. González, V. Quiles, F. Cubel

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
Investigation experiences for teaching for architectural construction within the adaptation to the Bolonia Process must lead us to the device of new participative and educational methods in order to be able to train, educate and evaluate a high number of students in an efficient way.
At the same time, because we currently live an upheaveled period of vertiginous changes and have a vision of the world different from the one we had when we were educated, we must convey the present world to education and vice versa, thus teaching students from their own point of view and making use of social networks, in order to motivate a unmotivated generation by the conventional educational systems. Therefore, we require innovation in order to have qualified professionals not only with regards to contents, but also with attitudes and problem resolution skills which can facilitate new productive combinations in a real world.