A three-dimensional visual immersion system provides a different teaching-learning experience on virtual environments. Through immersive reality, the student realises at the same time each of the details or events that are occurring in the learning process in a 360 degrees scenario. The use of these techniques offers the sensation of presence in scenarios that otherwise, either by distance or difficult access, it would be very difficult to bring to the students.

The objective of this work is the elaboration of teaching resources to improve the efficiency in the learning of geomatic techniques taking advantage of these immersive techniques. The teaching resources will consist of the elaboration of situations that can be registered through immersive reality as well as the development of guides of teaching practices.

In this way, we have used a Samsung Gear 360 camera to get the different scenario recordings in 360 degrees. Finally, we have done editing tasks where different virtual elements have been added such as text, video, sound, etc. The result is the implementation of an immersive visualization module accessible to students through new technologies, which improves the acquisition of skills in the management of Geomatics instrumentation.