J.M. Martín Osante

University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Law (SPAIN)
The present paper examines the advantages of the double degree in Law and Business Administration for the students, as well as the legal aspects to be taken into consideration as regards its implementation.

The double degree in law and business administration is a strategic academic proposal of the faculties of law, providing for a competitive quality offer that adapts to today’s business reality. Students that enroll in the double degree have a high academic level, due to significant demand for studies of this type and the limited size of the groups. It should be added that the double degree covers a large number of subjects and ECTS, so that it is scarcely suited for students with a poor academic performance.

The double degree has a great success in those universities where it is offered, for instance, the Complutense University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Madrid, Carlos III University (Madrid), the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Public University of Navarra, etc. Besides, the economic, social, and business environment of regions such as the Basque country is particularly conducive to the implementation of a double degree.

The faculties of law keep the control over the studies of the law degree since it is not a new one, but the same degree in law that is taught already. In this sense, academic issues are managed (just like in the rest of double degrees) by the appropriate agencies of coordination, with the joint involvement of the faculties of law and those of business and economics. Furthermore, the titles require approval from the University, as usual. The fact that registration (law and business administration) is carried out by a single secretariat responds exclusively to reasons of efficiency and makes administrative tasks easier for the students.

Lectures on the law subjects included in the double degree will be assigned by and will continue to depend from the departments, in exercise of the powers and functions awarded to them. On the other hand, it is necessary to draw up a regulation of the double degree in order to provide it with legal certainty. The paper will show the aspects that should be taken into consideration, as well as potential problems and their solutions.