The Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Architecture (DTA) was first introduced at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in the academic year 2009-2010, according with Real Decreto1393/2007 [1], to meet the requirements of the Bologna Process [2]. The 4th course of DTA was implemented this same academic year to allow old Technical Architecture graduates to adapt to the new Degree.
An essential virtue of UJI is to put theoretic results into use in the 'real world' outside the gates of the University. The subject of Work Placement (WP) (ED0934) (1) is carried out during the fourth course of DTA. This subject is obligatory for all students, but those who have previous professional experience in architectural and construction fields, can validate this experience as WP.

One of the most helpful steps for the students of DTA is to have the experience of getting practical training in a construction company, in an architecture studio or in public administration and learn things there that can’t be taught in a classroom. During this experience they will have to face to real situations related with their formation and get in touch with the labour market.
The UJI has an excellent cooperation on WP with local businesses, who appreciate the placement students we send them. These companies contact with the UJI through the OITEP (Career Service), and the OITEP offers students the different offers throw the Work Placement Coordinator (WPC).
During this period, the student will be assigned one teacher of UJI as Work Placement Tutor (WPT) and a Supervisor of the company. Both together have to develop a training program to ensure student achievement during this formative period.
Some students do their WP abroad through internship programmes. This implies a doubly learning experience for them, because on the one hand they have the opportunity to make their first dive in the workplace and on the other hand they have the opportunity to acquire new social and communication skills because they have to deal with a different environment.

WP is a big opportunity for students to discover the labour market and adapt their previous knowledge to real situations. They learn how to face them, how to move in this new world and to share their experiences with their “new colleagues”.
On the other hand, we have the difficulty that the construction market in Spain has fallen very significantly during the last years and not all students can find companies where carry out their WP now, forcing the University to look for new ways to give students this important training period for their professional future.

[1] Real Decreto 1393/2007, de 29 de octubre.
[2] Declaración de Bolonia. Bolonia, 10 de junio de 1.999.

(1) Code of Work Placement in the UJI.