S. Martinez

University of Castilla-La Mancha, Faculty of Education (SPAIN)
Educational innovation projects try to establish new visions, develop new skills or attitudes in Education. They try to generate new techniques and resources available on the modern society and adopting them by the educational system involving consequently an improvement in learning. However, even in the education of the 21st century, concepts, skills and techniques for teaching are, in the majority of cases, the same as traditionally. So it is worth asking ourselves: Are these projects as efficient as they should be? What features must meet an educational innovation project to be sustainable over time?

Concerning this issue, we conducted a study to integrate the different aspects which are fundamental in order to develop a continuous improvement in the teaching process through efficient and sustainable innovation projects. In particular, a fundamental approach to the design, evaluation and implementation of educational innovation projects is given. Thus, the main purpose of this work is to show how to get appropriate educational innovation projects in order to improve the professional development of teachers.