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D. Martinez, T. Alvarez, F. Tadeo

University of Valladolid (SPAIN)
Optimization techniques are learned in many degrees. We (instructors, lecturers, professors, in general, educators) explain how to find the minimum of a function, we teach linear programming methods, we study convex optimization, non-linear methods, genetic algorithms, etc.

We talk about constraints and how these inequalities can change the final value of an optimization problem.
But, how many times do we teach our students what happen when an optimization problem is not feasible? That is, do we explain the reasons that generate a set of constraints that cannot be fulfilled?

When this situation arises, we have to look for the source or sources of non-feasibility. And once it has been located, these constraints have to be removed in order to give a feasible solution to the optimization problem.

FIOMAT (Feasible Infeasible Optimization in Matlab) is a graphical tool where we can check our constraints and see if they are compatible or not. The program will tell us which constraints are giving problems and which are not. Different methods that appear in the literature have been programmed. FIOMAT accepts different data formats. Information about the slowest or fastest techniques is given. Also, several benchmarks are included.

FIOMAT is a friendly software that helps students in the process of learning about non-feasibilities in optimization.