J. Martin1, M. Santos Peñas1, V. Lopez1, A. Vargas2

1Complutense University of Madrid (SPAIN)
2Technical University of Madrid (SPAIN)
Due to the overcrowding of certain courses, the task of assessing the progress of the group in the fulfillment of the objectives of the course program becomes very difficult and in most cases the lecturer cannot adapt effectively to the individual needs of each student.

This article proposes a software tool to be integrated with a virtual campus, enabling the automatic tracking and profile development of each student, allowing the lecturer:

1. To know the status of the course with regard to the objectives of the program.
2. View an individual profile for each student in order to verify which objectives have been met and which have not met yet, to form an individual student profile.
3. Display comparative information between profiles of students in the same group, parallel-groups and groups in previous years-semesters.
4. Identify patterns of behavior (profiles), learning and groupings of students with common features and needs.

In this way the lecturer can design efficient strategies for effectively guiding the students in the achievements of the objectives of the course.

Furthermore, the software can be used to identify similar profiles and grouping them into classes (segmentation), which, by knowing the classes of profiles, features, previous knowledge and deficiencies that students of the course in question possess, would lead to a global vision of the expected student profiles, allowing the effective redesign and improvement of the course program.