K. Marques da Rocha

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (BRAZIL)
The education of teachers is currently a national concern, both in terms of public policies and local and regional Development Plans. Thus, researching is essential, considering that it permeates multiple forms and different methods, techniques and tools for analyzing reality. The special program of Undergraduate Level Teacher Training for Vocational Education meets the demand of pedagogical training for professionals currently working or intending to work as teachers in vocational education, in their respective areas of training. We sought, through qualitative research, to analyze the contributions of researching on the pedagogical training of undergraduate students through interdisciplinary activities, in four disciplines of the course, in which one hundred and fifty students developed a research project in the area of Vocational Education, researched, wrote a scientific article, and presented it in the Integrative Seminar III discipline, as their final project. Therefore, we analyzed, through observations recorded during the course of activities (research, article, internship, presentation) and also by means of a data collection instrument, the contributions of these research practices on the educational process of students in the course. Their transpositions to teaching practices were also given scores. Thus, the proposed activities contributed to the training of future teachers from different areas and provided the insertion into educational environments, construction of knowledge and the necessary experience for the teaching profession. Therefore, it is concluded that this methodology has contributed to the training of students to the extent that it created an observant/investigative/questioning stance. This may be able to guide the teaching practices of the various professionals from the seven technological axes that the course covers.