K. Marques da Rocha1, D. Erba1, H.X. Simon1, T. Marques da Rocha2

1Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (BRAZIL)
2Universidade Luterana do Brasil (BRAZIL)
The training of teachers is constituted through the practice of research, as one of the formative principles to act in Professional Education (PE), representing not only a major pillar of the training of teachers, but also an indispensable component of the development the practical outlines these professionals. In this regard, the Special Program for Graduate Teacher Training for Vocational Education (PEG) has to meet the demand of pedagogical training for professionals working, or intending to work as teachers of PE in their areas. Among the objectives of the course, the training of a teacher researcher, able to make use of aspects of the research and pedagogical rationale, in their daily practice, we refer the concern to provide students the experience of research in concrete situations. In this context, we sought through a qualitative research, analyze the contributions of Practice Research on pedagogical training of students graduates. We propose, therefore, an interdisciplinary activity between four disciplines of the course, in which one hundred and fifty students developed a research project in the area of Vocational Education, executed it, produced a scientific article, and presented it in the discipline of integrative Seminar III as the Labor Course Completion. The fourth discipline involved in this proposal refers to the supervised stage III, in which the student should make teaching oriented. Analyze it will therefore, through observations recorded in the course of activities (research article, stage, presentation) and also by means of an instrument of data collection - mixed questionnaire, applied through educational technology network, the contributions these research practices in the training of students of PEG, noting the challenges, skills and competences. The Transpositions of investigative practices for teaching practices were analyzed by the planning taught by student teachers. These plans were posted each week from the Wiki tool, the learning environment Moodle. The activity of developing a project, conduct research, writing and presenting a research paper in the area of EP contributed to the training of future teachers from bachelor's degree programs in different areas. The appropriation of investigative practices allowed them to enter the educational spaces, the construction of knowledge and experiences, necessary for the teaching profession. Therefore, it is concluded that the practice of the research and investigation, as interdisciplinary activity, contributed to the training of students, to the extent that, by providing spaces for interaction, helped establish a certain observer / investigator / interviewer. And that may guide the teaching practices of the various professionals from the seven technological axes that the course covers.