L. Markovic

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology (SERBIA)
Domain of Cultural Studies is a multidisciplinary field of study that unites social sciences and humanities. Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade, has developed and organized a specific study program in order to follow up with European Higher Education Area and the Europe 2020 strategy. The main goal is to adjust our study programs with academic institutions in the European Union and the region. The Faculty of Philology aims to educate autonomous, motivated students, who can become highly qualified, global oriented professionals and humanists. These graduates will be, upon graduation, true citizens of Europe and the world in general. They are suppose to be adaptable to different professions and changeable markets and ready for lifelong learning.
The study program, developed under this strategy at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, is called Languages, Literatures, Cultures - LLC. It includes and offers observations of different cultures in multilateral dialogues; a wealth of disciplines and languages; modularity; interdisciplinarity; interculturality; and orientation towards learning outcomes. This undergraduate study program is very complex, as it offers a platform that enables more than 1000 students to choose from more than 30 different languages, literatures and cultures, and all possible combinations of the courses offered. It is based on the mandatory choice of a main field of study, while offering multiple and flexible modularity through a wide range of diverse electives. LLC enables the creation of a solid curricular framework, as well as the recognition of philology as a homogenous discipline within the humanities. While dealing with cultures in contact, it combines research and practice and promotes multilingualism and multiculturalism by creating intercultural bonds.