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Scientific advances in the health sciences requires that health professionals develop research and promote evidence-based practice. The ultimate goal of all research, culminating in the dissemination of the results among members of the scientific community, is the last step for the integration of evidence into clinical practice. In this regard, it is essential to know the basic criteria of scientific writing and communication in health sciences in order to optimize the dissemination of these results on the different forums nationally and internationally.

Integrating evidence-based practice in the training of health professionals is a key to their professional future and requires a comprehensive strategy and integrated into the curriculum, which allows students to acquire the necessary curricular skills and practical level.

A pilot project was developed through the implementation of a specific program to support the integration of scientific knowledge and the promotion of evidence-based practice in cross-content within the Master in Nursing Science program at the University of Huelva during the academic year 2011-12.

The program consists of a literature search session and use of bibliographic managers, supplemented by the contents of the following subjects: Research I and II and Scientific Writing. Students were required to present classroom activities results in the form of a scientific paper, so as to put into practice all the knowledge acquired.

Students showed a high level of satisfaction and after evaluation of their knowledge, there was a significant improvement in the mastery of basic concepts and their practical application. Students emphasized the usefulness of the training and its relevance as content in the different subjects, and materialized with the realization of joint high methodological rigor and the results were satisfactory at the individual and overall skill level and qualitative assessment of the acquisition of skills.

To get a proper implementation of evidence-based practice should be strengthened by research training of health professionals at Graduate and Post-Graduate level. The pilot project developed in the Masters in Nursing Science shows that the integration of content across the board in different subjects is a strategy that delivers outstanding results.