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The European Space for Higher Education has guided a reorientation of the University studies and the following organizational structure. Official Master and Doctorate programs are currently one of the main source of scientific research within University settings and provide the essential tools and training for new researchers from different disciplines. The Nursing Science has traditionally had a academic barrier to access to research studies and specific postgraduate education.

The creation of a collaborative system within the Official Master program in Nursing Science aims to provide an organized structure for sharing knowledge and support research within the field of Health Sciences. This “collaboratory” facilitates the development of research in Nursing Science and other allied health disciplines in order to provide adequate assessment and support for new researchers, consolidating a network based on specific research lines.

This project of creating a “collaboratory” within students of the Master in Nursing Science and Doctorate program offers the opportunity of exchanging knowledge and experience regarding specific research areas of interest and provides an essential structure to consolidate research in the Nursing discipline. The Official Master program has been implemented since four years ago and it has become the reference structure for young researcher and also to establish new projects in collaboration with different National Health system centers and organisms.

Conclusions and implications for practice
The Nursing Science is a young discipline in the research field. Traditionally, the academic limitations for a degree level education were the main barriers to access to the research based on the own discipline. These Master and Doctorate programs and the new “collaborator” projects offer an excellent opportunity to enhance research within the Nursing Science and to establish collaborative systems to create interdisciplinary and international research groups within the Health Sciences.