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E.L. Mara

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (ROMANIA)
Modern tendencies of didactics have known an explosive development also as in the actual society, so in that manner we can follow some ideas of this developments, such as: prospecting action as a modality of anticipated instruction and education; comprehesive abordation of the educational and instructional process; didactical researchers centered on learning in a structural and functional relation with teaching and evaluation process. It is very well known that learning precedes teaching, meaning that teaching has to response the needs of learning, so the evaluation should be oriented and optimisised the whole process of learning.

Learning centered on student describes modalities of thinking about learning and teaching which put bases on responsabilities of the students for the activities of learning, interaction with others teachers and students. Teaching activity has complex modifications, if in traditional way it represents only an activity of communication of knowledge, in the modern way, the act of teaching follows the organisation and leading the learning process. Teacher has an important role, not only in teaching concepts, but to help them how to learn. Evaluation process doesn't stressed only on knowledges accumulation, as in traditional way, but it is foccused on abilities, knowledges, on the way in which the student know how to use compentences needed on self development and self integration in the society.