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E.L. Mara

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (ROMANIA)
Human relationships management involved in carrying out teaching practice follows are in a closer way of three levels of management: top management, middle management and low management of teaching practice.

If the definition of the three management levels have been taken into account especially the tasks of teaching practice (content, objectives, tools and forms of assessment), the specificity accurate management of human relations involved in carrying out teaching practice emphasis is on coordination of activities and roles actors involved in achieving these activities. From point of view this respect the general management of teaching practice is focused on putting in relation persons who are managers of institutional internship training (Rector, the Inspector general of the County School Inspectorate work is performed), and defining the roles they have to play this institutions in the quality assurance activities specified.

Intermediate/Middle management is focused on making teaching practice in relation to those in charged in higher education and pre-university education level of executives in initial training for teaching career: Directors of TTD (Teacher Training Department or equivalent structure), and head - managers of schools . Each of the two structures in charge of managing its human resources involved in the teaching practice, but also to establish effective collaboration between the two categories of teachers (pre-university and university) so that teaching practice activities to be carried out with good results.

Specific management of teaching practice is provided in a partnership by university teaching practice coordinators and mentors in schools by teachers in applications schools which - together - correlate actions of practitioners (teachers or junior) students' actions. Both teachers assume some responsibility for how to make teaching practice so that students involved in conducting such activities are not affected. From this point of view must be a fundamental principle of professional conduct: you are not allowed to teach someone something, by sacrificing it on another.

Most interpersonal interactions occur in nature classroom. Because of this specific management of human relations involved in the teaching practice is very rich in events.

In coaching version, the two teachers (teaching practice coordinator and mentor teacher) are very careful with each other and respect to one another and both in relation to students and pupils.